Troy, I want to thank you again for a great fishing trip as every one was very pleased with the trip. The goal was accomplished, every one caught fish, enjoyed the trip and the company was great. If a trip comes up and you can handle another fisherman give me a call. Let me know when you think it is time to go for the steelhead. Ted wants your email so I am sending it to him also Thanks again


Troy, I want to thank you again for giving Brigitte, DJ, Tara an I an unforgettable fishing trip. That is all they talked about on the way home. Brittni called this morning and said her arm muscles were quite sore. Lol! All I know is that was frigin awesome. Thank you for all the successful trips.

Dick Lowe - Pure Line Seeds

Troy, I am sending you a bunch of pictures. Thanks again for showing our guys such a great time!